How to Write an A-Grade Classification Essay

Even though we have successfully passed out elementary schools but, the one thing which is still holding us back is- the anxiety of writing essays. How many of you thought that this “writing essay” thing is only bounded on the premises of school? Let’s be honest; for once, we all felt that we would not be confronting essays again. Who knew essays are destined in the life-time academic journey.

Have you ever heard about word classification essay? Well if not, then let us tell you that solely, an essay has so many categories and thus “classification essay” falls in its category too. Since many of our fellows were not aware of this particular type of essay, and undoubtedly many of you don’t even know how to write it. Therefore, we are providing you a few guidelines for writing an A grade classification essay.

Before you note down the dos and don’ts of classification essay, first have a look at exactly what this classification essay thing is. 

What is a classification essay?

The classification essay is all about patterning the different categories right according to characters, notions, and objects. Writing classification essay considered as the formal writing in which one is supposed to generalize and classify the particular topic from different perspectives and arrangements. Note that your categorization must have a strong base to rationalize your point of view. 

Now, it comes to the second yet foremost part- how to write a well-structured classification essay. For this, you need to take notice of the guidelines we are patterning below.

Allocate the topic

It is suggested that if your instructor has set you free to choose the topic, then do not be impulsive while selecting a topic for your classification essay. First, sit down and think keenly what could be those ideas or concepts which can be fragmented rationally. Brainstorming is your power to hold down the key to effectiveness!  Spend more time in brainstorming so you can easily pen down a detailed part.

At first, you need to be very keen on your topic. Make sure not to opt for a too broad topic, neither the one too narrow. You have to play neutrally! According to the universal decree of thumb- go for the problem which must have a minimum three of five categories. Playing on neutral grounds can smooth the process of comparing and contrasting critically.

Sort-down categories with one principle

Following the fundamentals of principles is highly crucial! Do not drag your category; classification essay is not a type of detailed essay which could be written in a general tone. To write this type of essay, you must have sharp commands on handling the different categories with one principle, popping up a new policy in between is the worst thing one can do while writing a classification essay.

Create body outlines

Many students just hate creating the outlines in the introductory paragraph. We understand that creating a classification essay outline is not an easy thing. To compose the outlines which can give your reader initial thoughts about the categories of your topic is quite like riding on the merry-go-round- shake your mind holistically and move around all the probabilities! But, in the end, it is a must-to-do thing. If you failed to make your audience aware of the forthcoming discussion, then you will lose the crux of your writing. 

Go back to your storming session, scrutinize the page you did brainstorming on and select any 3 or 5 topics you think you can compare and contrast efficiently, with strong reasons. Once you are done with the selection phase, then get ready to turn your selection into the sentenced structure. In general, we call it developing a thesis statement. Now you might have got a clear picture!

Take an enthusiastic move!

When writing a body paragraph, do not forget that you are writing a classification essay.  Avoid making your essay sound general. Take an enthusiastic start! Start to compare and contrast your chosen categories from initial. But wait! We are not asking you to throw the arguments in the very first impression. By being enthusiastic, we simply meant to acquire a tone which can make your audience dive complete in the essence of your topic. It is the best technique to hook your audience.

Compare and contrast

Now comes the crucial yet complex stage. Comparing and contrasting is not just about writing a single thing from different perspectives. In a classification essay, comparing and contrasting is more about critically evaluating and analyzing the multiple reasons by standing on the unique view of the point. For once, you might get confused about whether to stay against or in the fall of the conducted statement. Yes, it’s that much confusing but does not worry, we have a valuable tip to make this phase steer clear.

When compare and contrasting your topic, don’t fall for detailed comparisons. Take one point at a time and analyze it critically. Through this way, you can avoid being trapped into confusing prospects and can keep you as clear as smooth.

Make comprehending conclusion

In classification essays, many times the attempt of stating a reliable and comprehend opinion fell shot, and the readers got stuck into a twisted tunnel of precisely what the author wanted to indicate or focus on. Don’t make that mistake! Letting your audience free to make their conclusion could never be a right choice. Write a comprehending yet apparent conclusion. And yes, make sure to conclude your essay with your opinion or thoughts, to support your words you can add in the different sources but assure to build your audience realize how you perceive the depicted situation and at what conclusion you have jumped in after an extended detailed comparison.

To cross this crucial particular writing stage, our provided guidelines could be the best supporting tool for you. If you have our tips noted on your writing pad or bookmarked in your history then confidently start cracking down the effective classification essay.