How to Write an Introduction Paragraph for an Essay?

An excellent introductory paragraph serves three purposes:

1- It is able to gain the attention of your reader.

2- It introduces your reader to your topic

3- Thirdly, it presents what your stance over the topic is going to be that is, your thesis.

The introduction is like a trailer for a movie. It tells the viewer to what to expect later. It is recommended that when you are writing an essay, you try to write as excellently as possible, so that the essay begins on a positive note.


1- Relevant Background:

The background of the body of text presented in the essay must be given in the introduction, however care must be taken that you don’t end up initiating the entire argument in the introduction right away. It should only introduce the argument by providing a context or evidence.

2- Thesis:

It is preferable if you put your thesis towards the end of the introduction paragraph. Most professional researchers put the thesis as the last sentence of the paragraph.

3- Bring your reader to attention:

Here is where you use a certain fact or startling statistic to sway your reader and make them jump off their feet. For instance, 21.5 million people have been forced to be displaced ever since 2008 due to climate change.

This will show how your topic is important for the audience and will make them interested in knowing more.

4- Stress upon your purpose:

Once you have made sure that the reader pays attention, you should address the question whose answer you are required to focus on. The answer should be a direct and clearly define the main points of the essay.

The sole objective behind the introduction that you must strive to achieve is to, convince the reader that your essay is something worth reading and investing time for. However, if you feel that you may not be able to achieve the purpose and make an impact, it’s better to hire the services of professional writers.