How to write an American revolution essay

Historical events have a pivotal role in bringing a country where it stands today. For the USA the American Revolution is behind the creation of its current governance model. It was the major impact that resulted in the existence of the new world. The revolution is seen as a true act of rebellion and a path which cemented the democratic principles. Its effects upon the whole world in consequence, last to this day.
Therefore, students today are required to write an American revolution essay due to its massive importance. The topic is specifically necessary to understand the defining era of history and the politics involved. This is undoubtedly a theme that can be tricky due to the sheer amount of events and details involved. Hence, we provide here some tips complete with samples to ensure you understand all the technicalities.

Structure and outlining

Like any other essay, a historical essay also needs a solid framework at its foundation. To keep things in order we go for the standard introduction, body, and conclusion structure. Essays describing a historical moment tend to get out of hand due to the amount of information you come across. Everything you read might seem relevant or interesting enough to add to your essay. However, don’t let yourself get tempted as you are not writing a book. There are only so many words that you need to lay down on paper to make this a winning piece.
Therefore, outlining is key. Read all the relevant information but when it comes down to writing, narrow it down. Pick out only the points which are the most authentic and connected to the narrative. Then organize them in a sequenced manner in your outline. This way you will not miss out on any crucial nuggets of knowledge. Layout what you are going to integrate into the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

How to begin?

Compiling together a lot of historical facts can be dull and boring. It is your job as a writer to make the details more engaging in how you present them. Start with a claim that is exciting enough to reel in the audience from the beginning. For example:
“The American Revolution is considered the most significant event in the history of the US. It allowed the country to gain sovereignty from the control of Great Britain.”
This declaration is bound to pique the curiosity of the readers to a great extent. They will want to read ahead to discover the reasons for the event is such a game-changer. Once you capture their attention you can then direct it to the details you are about to impart. They will be more open to them once you have managed to engage their interest. It is simply not possible without an appealing starting sentence.

Provide authentic references

The body paragraphs of a descriptive essay such as this consist of a great number of facts. It being history, you cannot add in your own opinions unless specifically asked for by the teacher. However, you can add views of those experienced in the field, to bring more validity and variety to the narrative. Do not forget, and this is extremely important, to give credit where it is due. Provide proper referencing so that you are safe from any uncalled-for allegations for plagiarism. Here is an example:
“The concept of separation from Britain may have started at the completion of the French and Indian war. American colonists witnessed a triumphant position that resulted from the victory. “They saw themselves as a separate entity, one that could defend itself against any opposing threat,” (Stanley, 1998)”

End on a lasting note

The conclusive paragraph is certainly as important as the beginning one. It ties up all the information in a clean and finalizing manner. As we need to write about a historical event here, you already know the results of the struggle. Therefore, all you need to state is how impactful and long-lasting the event proved to be for world history.
We are sure our instructions will help write a brilliant American Revolution essay that will impress your teacher. For additional help, on this or any other topic contact our cheap essay writer service for the best content.