Guide to Write a Research Paper on Child Abuse

Unfortunately, we are a part of a society where there live some evils too. The cases of child abuse are accentuating day by day, and many researchers are prominently highlighting the subject.

Handling and portraying the negative issue of the society needs a keen evaluation and extensive critical thinking; Responsive topics, such as child abuse cannot be subjected just with excellent writing skills. One has to be very prompt, observing, and exceptionally analytical to portray the thoughts and top highlight the sensitive social issues. The ones, who are planning to write their research paper on social issues, especially on child abuse, then this article is for you.

Have a glance at how to tackle the negative sides of the society without being criticized and by focusing all of the diminutives yet essential details.

Narrow down the theme

 In a nutshell, Child abuse is a diverse topic, and it is not easy to cover the entire issue in a single research paper. Several cause and effect relations can be interconnected with the subject of child abuse. Think yours! Spin the prospects of your thought and mention at least three particular reasons which you consider as the foremost cause of child abuse.  

Connect title with the main idea

The first impression is last; keep this in your mind! Content on child abuse is indeed disturbing and quite sensitive. But, in the end, it is one of the most common issues for all. Before creating your title, ask yourself, “There are multiple authors who have written on this particular theme, then why would people opt to read my paper?”  If you can find the answer, then you are on the right track! To make your paper look worth-reading, fuse your title with uniqueness, the crux of the theme, and generosity.

The abstract is your capturing tool

Yes, you are highlighting an important issue that needs to be considered by each. But the reality is far beyond this. No one wants to unfold the pleated scenarios. You need to be very technical to gain the attention of your audience. For this, you can bring in your abstract tool into play! Write an abstract in a tone that can persuade your readers to pay attention, and they must be convinced to take this issue as important as necessary, just within a single glance. No, it’s not that much tricky; you need to be conscious while selecting the words and tone, to portray your opinion.

Hook your readers with an introduction

In many cases, writers somehow successfully manage to write a remarkable title, but their audience still couldn’t hook with their presented content. You know why?  Because they forget that just like the title “Introduction” is supposed to be impressive too.Writing child abuse research essays are not an easy task to perform, you need to play on emotional, critical, and logical groundsthe introduction of your paper also falls in the category of “the first impression is last.” Work at your optimum level to keep it précised yet worthy. It could be your first and last chance to impress your readers!

A critical literature review

Think critically! It doesn’t mean judge your thoughts; it means to look at the opinions of others too. Demonstrate your topic holistically! Research and cite what other authors think about the issues you are emphasizing on. Cover it from multiple aspects, for instance, specifically in child abuse you can write what psychologists or other writers say about the consequences, how different writers have treated the topic and if anyone stands in against or fall with your chosen causes of child abuse?

Evaluate and analyze critically, and to bring in the factor of authentication of your objection, support your statement with the reviews of different authors. Collect and quote paper examples on child abuse, as many as possible.

The method is mandatory!

Revealing your technique of conducting research is mandatory. Not every time you have a possible audience, sometimes your audience could be skeptical too. We know that the issue you are highlighting is prevalent and everyone knows about it, but the increment in the ratio of this particular issue is a proof that people are still not very well aware of it.

So, add in the section of the method. In this part, you must tell your audience in what ways your research is limited and make sure to rationalize your findings with a logical and appropriate method.  If you succeeded to do this, then you are almost near to build your audience believe about what you think is right. Never forget, Proofs are the asset of papers!

Conduct a remarkable discussion

No, we are not talking about what hurdles you have confronted while writing your paper or collecting the survey. Your audience wants to listen to what the author has to say about the findings. Tell your readers are the conducted result was expected or something unexpected just crossed over the horizons of your thoughts.

Let the readers know, with you survey whether you have ended up discovering the same causes or is there something which was being unseen before. Discuss each aspect of your findings in detail. But, keep one thing in mind that clutching your discussion session is not a good idea. Make it sound relevant and robust.

Write a thought-provoking conclusion

Once you are about to finish, don’t be too prompt to jump into the conclusion. You can make the concluding part a thought-provoking reminder also. Your audience is now acknowledged with your findings and conducted results. You are, of course, supposed to conclude precisely with what you did start.  But, make sure to keep the crux of your paper in a manner that should leave a lasting impression on your audience. It is a good tip of writing paper on which one can implement.