PEEL Paragraph Technique to Write A Perfect Essay

Did you know? That even essay writing has different styles. Well, you might know about that persuasive and argumentative style. But, here I’m talking about the styles of format. Oh yes, rule-based on which you pattern your essay matters a lot. Besides those entire rules of thumb, like-balancing coherence, readability, using transitional words, etc. There is one more unique thing that writers often use and that is the technique of PEEL paragraph. 

This one technique is considered best to bring effectiveness and to pattern a perfect essay. Would you like to become an expert in essay writing? If yes, then start implicating this PEEL trick to format and write your essay. 

Don’t be confused, the abbreviation of PEEL is Point, Evidence, Explanation, and Link. I’m sure you are getting the little idea of what exactly this word refers to. Well, this is simple yet technical. But, to understand accurately what is a peel paragraph. You need to give this blog a read. I can make you understand in a simpler yet interesting style. 

So, are you ready to upgrade your book of knowledge with this new amazing technique of essay writing? By the way, did you know? Writing essays could be fun too? I’m sure you didn’t and maybe because of this, you have lost interest in writing. Anyways, let me tell you to have to go all perfect with your essays by using the tool of PEEL.


This helps in making an inspiring impression. The first sentence of your essay is like your magical tool. Either it hooks your reader or marks a negative impact. The sentence which we often call the topic sentence should emphasize the points you will discuss in your paper. Also, the alignment of your discussion parameters should be as according to you will pattern it. The term Point basically indicates the first paragraph of your essay.  

According to the rule of Peel essay, your first paragraph must narrate the objective of your essay. It must clear the horizon of the leader and reveal what you will highlight in your paper. Once you are done with your first paragraph, evaluate it keenly and identify whether it sounds relevant or not. This is what section ‘Point’ denotes. It helps you to maintain a track of your paper, without letting your mind drag. 


Remember that no one is going to believe your point-of-view, until or unless you are a big name of the industry. Even in that case, sometimes you need to prove to support your point. So, when you are done with the first step it’s time to give your opinion strong support. Start collecting evidence! For this, you opt for anything which you think would be suitable for your paper.

There could be any kind of evidence, like your experience, prototype, physical evidence or adding the link of any source as evidence. In the end, the purpose is to strongly present your opinion. The more authentic evidence you will add, the more strongly you can stand with your point-of-view. The section of Evidence refers to the importance of proofs, you need to make your readers believe and persuade. So, when you follow the rule of peel essay writing, make sure you have all evidence ready to add in your paper.  


Letting your readers hanging in between is not a good choice. If you do so, then be prepared to confront harsh criticism. Yes, it’s that cruel. If you think that presenting points with evidence is enough then please think again. Your readers need a clear yet concrete description of whatever you have written. The explanation is the crux of the essay, it shows how perfectly you have handled your opinion or at what level you can understand the sensitivity of your topic. Learning how to write a peel paragraph is not enough, implicating its rules is important too. 

So, if you have plans to save your time by giving a brief explanation of your essay then please its better you avoid implicating this rule. Well, this doesn’t mean that you are supposed to write ten pages of explanation. No! you just need to assure that your explanation part is highlighting the opinion from each aspect, without being biased. The way you explain your opinion marks a lasting impact on the mind of your readers. 


This link indicates two important actions of your essay writing. The one denotes the connectivity which you need to show in your concluding paragraph. However, the other signifies the level of transition. Yes, both of the things matter equally. If you fail to create a link between each paragraph of your essay, you will surely miss the essence of coherence. 

This may sound difficult to understand but, for this, you need to take an idea from different platforms. Like, you can download multiple peel paragraph examples and feel free to give each of them a thoughtful read. Understand what are those words or the technique have been used which is creating a flow-of-reading. Also, make sure you glance at the connectivity of the topic, explanation, and conclusion. They say the first impression is last, though the words with which you close your discussion make an equal contribution. 

Let’s summarize 

Last but not least, don’t forget to proofread your essay. No, this is not part of this unique essay writing technique. But, in general, this is the most important rule-of-thumb. Yes, you will definitely succeed in writing a perfect essay with the PEEL trick, but your errors could ruin perfection. Be careful! 

So, now you understood what this PEEL thing is. I know it sounds like a kind of modern time technology or tool. But, in actual, it’s just a matter of format. The peel essay structure is just a boundary that helps in maintain the pace of the writer. If you follow the PEEL writing rule, you will understand that this technique restricts you in the boundaries of dos and don’ts, without letting your mind travel on a different horizon. Implicate this trick and stay focused!