How to write a research paper on homelessness: expert’s advice

Research writing is hectic and tiring and everyone does not have the expertise to complete such tasks effectively. There are so many topics that are assigned to the students and today we will be sharing our expert’s guidelines with you about the essays and research papers on homelessness. If you are struggling hard and panicking then remember this all won’t be working. First of all, ask yourself to become calm and focus as you need to come up with an impressive homelessness research paper. Forget about your writing skills, forget about what your friends and other classmates have done so far – just sit in a peaceful environment with a pen, paper and your laptop and start your preps!

Refreshing tip: Keep a bottle of water with you as it would refresh you whenever you would be feeling exhausted

Understand what is the main concept of your paper?

The most important thing is to understand the theme of your paper. You need to ask what homelessness is and how you would be going to write it. Search for the basic definition using the basic keywords for developing your understanding. You can also hit some most commonly used phrases used by the students like what is homelessness essay or research papers and you would see several samples available on the internet. This would allow you to know about the basic format. Just read 3 to 4 samples and prepare your mind. You would get some ideas to write research questions about homelessness.

Make an outline

After brainstorming the most crucial step is to form the homelessness research paper outline. It really works! Just open the blank Word document and with the help of the guidelines provided to you by the teacher write the headings. For instance, the most commonly used headings are:

  • Introduction
  • Body (you can make themes here)
  • Conclusion
  • References

This would give a basic sketch of your paper and would help you to paint the big picture easily. Now let’s see what is needed by each component.

Write a thesis statement

This is the foundation for your research. If you need to write a homelessness thesis statement then you should need to focus on writing a solid one. There should be one to two lines that must give the reader the idea about the main theme. It should be easy to understand and must be debatable. For example, something like this can work:

“Homelessness is the big problem in America as it has given rise to different issues including economic issues that are eventually affecting the overall quality of the life”

You can further debate on these points that are present in the thesis statement

Start researching through authentic sources

For collecting the authentic information you need to use the scholarly sources and the other authentic websites.  Use Google Scholar, your university’s/college’s online library and the government websites for the statistics. Also, keep this in mind that your teacher needs to see the latest information in your essay or research paper. You need to find out the current research papers on homelessness in America so if you are using Google Scholar then you can easily customize your search by modifying the searching bar on the left-hand side. In the other case, you need to see the date of the publication of the research.

Arrange the information according to your outline and put the in-text citations

Suppose you get 10 research papers with some strong information then you should take the good points and set them in the outline as your raw data. Now, this is making some sense. Don’t forget to consider the word limit and collect your information wisely. Collect your references side by side and use the in-text citations.

Tip: Take breaks otherwise it would exhaust you!

Start paraphrasing

Now you are done with the biggest phase of the research. The next important step is to start paraphrasing the information so that it would be coming in a proper shape of homelessness in America essay or the research paper. Don’t use the paraphrasing tools as it would be the waste of time and unethical too. Also, it would give a high similarity index so no short cuts, please!


Don’t underestimate the power of proofreading as it serves to be the saviour. Who wants to submit a paper which is full of grammatical errors or poor sentences? As you know that chances of the mistakes are there whenever you type anything or write in complete flow. Proofreading just not only add finesse to your work but through reading it loud you would see that whether it would be easily understood by the others or not. Make the final edits after formatting your paper. Good luck!